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Massoni Furniture Factory

Massoni is a Polish manufacturer of office furniture that specializes in the production of the highest quality furniture solutions for companies. Our offer includes a wide range of office furniture, such as desks, cabinets, chairs and shelves, which are perfectly tailored to the needs of each client. Thanks to our experience in the furniture industry and passion for creating the best solutions for offices, we export our office furniture all over the world. Our company offers comprehensive service to its customers, and our furniture is made of the best materials and complies with the highest quality standards. As a Polish manufacturer of office furniture, we are proud of our Polish roots and we make sure that every piece of furniture that leaves our factory has Polish precision and reliability. Trust our quality and join the group of satisfied customers who have chosen Massoni as their business partner. Contact us to learn about our export offer of office furniture and start cooperation today. 
Export Department, 

Poland, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, ul. Komorowicka 43, NIP: PL 9372677979

The production of commercial furniture is our passion. We create and deliver furniture for offices, offices, hotels, kitchens, receptions and all rooms intended for work and leisure. We offer an extensive furniture catalogue, factory-made precision and the highest quality of components. If you are looking for furniture for your company, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our furniture collections, which are characterized by a modern form, well-thought-out construction and fashionable design.

Meble biurowe do biur


Optimally selected and arranged office furniture can significantly improve the efficiency and comfort of work. See proven proposals for arranging office workstations. Choose a collection that will fill the interiors of your offices in the most optimal way.

Meble gabinetowe ekskluzywne


A stylish set of office furniture is a manager's business card. The office interior should distinguish the room, emphasize the character and rank of the place. See fashionable proposals for arranging a study and offices of a higher standard.

Meble biurowe home office do pracy zdalnej

Home Office

If your home office needs improvement, see the proposals of furniture sets for working at home. Arrange your home studio in a professional way. Choose furniture designed to support comfortable and efficient remote work.

Meble hotelowe


We create hotel furniture for bedrooms, reception areas and restaurants by designing solutions tailored to the style and standard of the rooms, in accordance with your expectations.

Meble kuchenne


The kitchens that we equip are not only visually impressive sets of furniture, but also a number of invisible solutions that ensure maximum comfort of use. KITCHEN FURNITURE

Lady recepcyjne


Take care of the right first impression by choosing an effective reception desk that will delight guests and improve the organization of the company's secretariat.




+48 798 893 866





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